Smile Generator | 2009 | Goat and panniers

the day we bought billy.





about the work: Smile Generator was an attempt to connect to our neighborhood (Nandolo) in Zomaba, Malawi using humor and our love for process. While¬†on a Fulbright Grant to Chancellor College in 2008-2009 we noticed how difficult it was to “blend in” so we decided to have fun with the situation and make some friends in the process. The idea was to buy a local goat, raise it (fatten him up) and then throw a big party and eat him (his name was Billy). The time between the purchase and the party was designated for goat walks with panniers in order to help carry our food stuffs and create smiles and stories for the locals.

After about five months we started talking to butchers in town and getting ready for the feast. I worked with James Sande (of the Scottish-Malawi Partnership house) on collecting local clay to build and oven. All of the material/goat collection was done on bike. Sometimes it took us hours to haul back the materials we needed for the oven. (to be continued)