My work is a reflection of my interest in nature, human activities and the point at which they meet. I am interested in the relationships between resources, the design process and the life cycle of materials. I find it compelling when people defy the natural, expected life cycle and function of a material to create aesthetically and conceptually thought-provoking creations. As an artist, I highlight the beauty found in cast-off materials -often small and overlooked-, while interacting with people through the processes of walking, collecting, assembling and drawing.

Creating art from found objects allows me to tap into several narratives; the history of the objects, the context of their discovery and their new life as art objects. I am captivated by the ingenuity and imagination of those who work with limited supplies and tools yet create a thing of beauty and worth. As I involve myself with these new-found objects, through cleaning, combining and resurfacing, I experience discovery. I invite viewers to connect with the places, people and processes that intersect to form my art work.

[January 2017 ]

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