From handmade toys in refugee camps to the soccer
fields of western Kenya I have been captivated
by the ingenuity that arises when resources are scarce.
I think with my hands. I walk.
I pick up discarded objects, weeds and other materials and put them in my pockets;
once I am back at the studio, I study them where the search for undiscovered forms ensues.
Drilling, piercing and wrapping, I combine these disparate objects into structures
and installations to create new connections.

While walking and collecting on city streets and rural settings, conversations ensue.
Questions of ownership, money, security, origins and intent are exchanged as I gather my discarded harvest.
I work with the overlooked small things of this world. Every culture has something deemed
not valuable or too common to care for. I engage with these objects, through observation, handling, cleaning, combining and painting while giving them a new context. My work is not about judgement, it’s about discovery. Small matters.

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