Born in Arkansas, Peter spent his formative years in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was there in Costa Rica were Peter became aware of material scarcity and the creativity often implemented to overcome or solve a challenge brought on by lack. While living in Costa Rica, Peter and his siblings accompanied their parents to slums and refugee camps. On one visit to a refugee camp Peter watched in amazement as a man crafted a wooden top using a machete, a broken piece of glass and an old nail which resulted in a beautiful functional form for play. 

After High School Peter studied Graphic Design and Studio Art, traveled throughout Europe and worked with a blacksmith.

In 2005 he traveled to Kenya. During this trip, an encounter with a village youth holding a half woven soccer ball comprised entirely of drinking straws and a plastic bag echoed the wooden top from Costa Rica. Those two objects have continued to inform Peter’s approach to materials and object making.

Since earning a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art in 2008, Peter was awarded a Fulbright Grant to Malawi Africa. He has taught studio art, design and art history classes in North Carolina and Malawi. 

Peter lives and works in Northern California with his wife Leslie and their three children.